The Cool Stuffs | Lucky Charms for 2012 - Year of the Dragon

I’m a great believer in luck, and I come across the additional I function, the luckier I get. I’m sure you’ve heard that a single! But this can be far more concerning the Chinese Zodiac signs as well as the Feng Shui Lucky Charms which are traditionally associated with those signs. A lot of people who're enthusiastic about lucky Feng Shui signs realize that there are twelve distinctive Chinese Zodiac signs. Fortunately, you do not should know your sign to get a lucky Feng Shui sign for the 2012 year with the dragon. Mainly because the year of the dragon is very lucky for new beginnings, it is actually an excellent year should you be seeking to start a business enterprise or if you’re planning a wedding. It is possible to wear a dragon pendant or have dragon ornaments within your property or workplace. Beneath learn where you should location your lucky Feng Shui charm and what it has to be produced of.

Crystal and stone are commonly related with love in Feng Shui. So in case you can uncover a dragon created of either material, this must perform as a 41Feng Shui charm for the year 2012. You can wear a pendant which can be pretty pretty or find a Swarovski crystal dragon. You will need to location it inside the south west location of your residence or workplace. You may also need to spot it in the south west section from the room. Adore is also represented by stone, so for those who obtain a dragon produced of stone, this will also be lucky for 2012.

The dragon turtle may be the Feng Shui lucky charm for wealth. The turtle has the head of a dragon and this can be made of any material. Ideally, the dragon turtle is sitting on income of some kind. This demands to become placed inside the south east region of one's room, property, or office. - Cool Solutions

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